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Greater collaboration and creativity needed to release the potential of modular housing

A new report published today by Commonweal Housing calls for collaboration and creativity to overcome some of the barriers facing modular construction. 

The report, written by George Fisher, an MA design student at Central St Martin’s School of Art who worked at Commonweal on a student placement in 2019, reflects on the barriers and solutions in the modular housing sector.

Entitled What are the barriers faced when attempting to implement modular designed accommodation for vulnerable people?, the report concluded that most barriers can be traced back to a lack of industry experience and a failure by some elements of the system, such as the utility providers, to recognise and adapt to the game changing construction timeframes modular homes provide. But as more experience is accumulated, difficulties such as hesitancy and inefficiency in modular construction can be overcome, the report finds.

Ashley Horsey, Chief Executive of Commonweal says: “At Commonweal, we are interested in how innovative housing models can be used to address some of the specific needs of those at the hardest end of social injustice. Modular housing is just one example of innovation in housing which is increasingly being used to house the most marginalised, particularly as the housing crisis deepens.

This excellent short report from George highlights case studies where modular housing is helping to meet an immediate housing need, as well as shining a light on some of the reasons why these schemes are not necessarily taking off as they could do.

Ashley Horsey, CEO Commonweal Housing

“Alongside our innovative flat-packed pods, which use modular housing to provide privacy and security to those sleeping in night shelters, we are delighted to publish this report by George Fisher.”

George Fisher has also been working in collaboration with Reed Watts architects and Commonweal Housing, to design and install 18 modular plywood sleeping pods for a Salvation Army night-shelter in Ilford, London. Read George’s blog, reflecting on the findings of the report >>>

Find out more about Commonweal’s Pods >>>

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