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Commonweal offers funding to enable front line organisations to test the feasibility of their housing models and support models to establish: i. its financial viability; ii. its capacity to deliver a solution; iii. the justification of a solution.

Typically, we offer this funding via our Call for New Ideas programme, but we are always interested in hearing from organisations whose lightbulbs are going off.

The Call for New Ideas is an annual or biannual call to the sector to come to us with new and imaginative ideas for ways in which housing can help solve social injustice. Through the programme, we offer funding to successful applicants to conduct a short-term feasibility study to evaluate a housing and support model tackling social injustice.

If successful, we help make these ideas a reality through a property-based pilot project run in collaboration with Commonweal. In some instances, we will offer funding and support to great ideas, even if the project is not run alongside Commonweal.