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We have a unique approach to action learning which allows us to investigate, test and share housing solutions to social injustice.

By using our charitable resources, including properties with reduced rents, we test different housing models to find solutions to specific social injustices.

We also support early stage research and feasibility studies to scratch beneath the surface of an issue and see if housing might be able to help.

Working with partners

We’re in it for the long term and we support partners from the very beginning, to help them investigate issues where they think housing could be part of a solution. By providing this ongoing support, we are able to learn, develop and adjust ideas to make our projects as effective, relevant and impactful as possible.

Project development

Each of our projects requires a unique approach and we are flexible in the way we work to ensure the most can be gained from the research and development of each project.

Within this, we follow a six phase project framework to make sure we are always evaluating and developing our projects effectively.

Commonweal Action Learning Framework

Pilot housing projects

We provide properties with reduced rents to allow our partners to test different housing models and ideas. By doing this, we are able to encourage creative and innovative thinking by insulating our project partners from risk.

Research & feasibility studies

As part of our framework, we clarify social injustices before moving onto looking at possible housing solutions to overcome them.

Clarifying a social injustice can require a degree of early stage research, like a feasibility study, to confirm whether the issue is something where housing could be part of the solution. In some cases, these studies will lead into full pilot models; for others they will conclude with research findings.

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