Commonweal's Call for New Ideas 2021 is now open.

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Social injustices across society have been laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic. From people experiencing domestic violence facing lockdown with their abusers; to those exiting the criminal justice system with no guarantee of a safe home outside it; to those made more vulnerable to the virus by rough sleeping and unstable housing: the pandemic has widened the cracks in the system for the most marginalised in our communities. We are conscious of the disproportionate impact of such injustices felt by too many in BAME communities in society.

Now more than ever, we believe it’s vital to develop safe, secure and new housing solutions to these injustices: to give everyone affected by the pandemic the chance to build back lives of freedom and independence.


Commonweal Housing is an independent housing and social justice charity, working in partnership with expert frontline organisations to explore where, and how, housing can play a role in tackling injustices in society. We opened our Call For New Ideas for the first time in 2020, and are reopening the call in 2021 to invite more organisations to share with us ideas that they have developed during the last year – especially in the light of the coronavirus crisis.

We are calling for organisations working with marginalised groups to contact us with bold, imaginative housing-based ideas for projects addressing social injustice. We are especially interested in project ideas related to our priority areas:

  • The criminal justice system
  • Violence against women and girls (VAWG)
  • Systemic injustices that occur at points of transition in people’s lives.

We may also consider exceptional applications that do not fall within these categories, and are especially welcoming applications from BAME-led and BAME focussed organisations.


We are looking to support organisations to carry out a short-term study to establish the feasibility of an idea and proposed model. This initial study will be used to determine whether the idea could operate as a property-based pilot project.

Successful applicants who have already completed a substantial amount of feasibility research for their idea will instead be invited to share this research with us, and to discuss what steps would be needed to develop the idea into a pilot project.

Whilst there are no guarantees or promises made at this stage, if there is scope for a pilot to go ahead, Commonweal would look at ways to support the organisation to initiate and run their own pilot in 2022.


There is no final deadline for submitting ideas, but we will conduct three reviews of applications submitted to us in 2021, in May, August and November – so if your project is time-sensitive, please do keep these dates in mind.


If you have an idea that we could help make a reality, let us know at

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