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Commonweal Housing is reopening its Call for New Ideas for 2022.

To apply, send your completed application form to

Commonweal Housing is pleased to announce it is once again running a Call for New Ideas (CFNI) programme for 2022. Following the success of previous CFNI initiatives in 2020 and 2021, we are inviting more organisations to come forward with imaginative and original ideas for housing solutions which can address social injustices.

As the housing crisis deepens, the already marginalised are often hit the hardest, doubling their disadvantage. Forward-thinking housing projects are needed more than ever.

Therefore, Commonweal is allocating funding for organisations to complete a feasibility study to explore their proposed housing solution.

We are especially interested in project ideas from black and minority ethnic (BAME)-led or focused organisations. We are also particularly looking for project ideas related to our priority areas:

  • The criminal justice system
  • Violence against women and girls (VAWG)
  • Systemic injustices that occur at points of transition in people’s lives

We are however considering exceptional applications that do not fall within these categories.

We are looking for ideas you think could become a housing project. The proposed solution can be at any early stage of its lifecycle: from initial lightbulb ideas that you want to develop in conversation with us, or a fully mapped out scheme that you feel is ready to go. However, applicants should not be seeking funding and support for a project that is already in development or currently exists - we want to build the projects with you.

The proposed solution doesn’t need to be complete – the initial feasibility stage is intended to explore whether or not the solution is feasible financially, operationally, and in terms of likelihood of addressing the social injustice.

The idea must however be imaginative and creative – this could be around the delivery of the project itself or the client group, who may be previously overlooked – but we urge all applicants to research the existing housing-based projects currently rolled out in the UK that support their particular client group.

If there is scope for a pilot to go ahead, Commonweal would look to support the organisation to initiate and run their own pilot housing project.


There an initial deadline for submitting application by 9am Tuesday 3rd May 2022.


If you have an idea that we could help make a reality, please complete our application form here, or get in touch with us with your idea and any questions you may have at


Commonweal Housing is an independent housing and social justice charity, working in partnership with expert frontline organisations to explore where, and how, housing can play a role in tackling injustices in society.


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