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In this new series, Commonweal’s Conversations, we’re chatting to the people at the heart of change in our sector. From frontline service users to CEOs, we want to hear everything from what makes them tick, what hope they see for the future of the sector, and what their favourite ice cream flavour is.

First up in our hotseat is Dr Elanor Warwick, Head of Strategy, Policy Evidence and Research at Clarion Housing Group, England’s largest housing association, and who has spent much of career as an architect and built environment researcher. Most recently, she joined Commonweal’s Board as a Trustee earlier this year.  

While new to our Board, Dr Warwick has brought vigour and enthusiasm in abundance to the team, as she continues to help us map our way through our new thematic areas. Today, we sit down with Dr Warwick to hear a little more about her career, life and aspirations.

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