We are always delighted to explore solutions to social injustices brought to us for discussion.

Whether it be through grant funding for feasibility research, assistance developing a pilot housing and support project or simply sharing the learning from our projects, we exist to support the advancement of new solutions which help people overcome the housing injustices they face.

We work side by side with our, partners, sheltering them from risk and providing them with the support they need to help people overcome the social injustices.

If you have an idea of a possible solution to an injustice you think may work, Commonweal want to hear from you.

Our Approach to Partnerships

As a charity we aim to be brave, provocative and challenging in the projects we support. Our approach often involves situations that most are not inclined or resourced to resolve. Consequently, we have to be very thorough in the due diligence stages that lead up to the launch of a project.

What we bring to our partnerships?

We are always delighted to explore solutions to social injustices brought to us for discussion providing they fit into our terms of reference: 10 criteria and project preference areas.

As a partner Commonweal shelter our partners from risk, providing them with the support, security and freedom they need to challenge existing injustices. As a partner we guarantee:

  • Quick delivery of well-specified homes in the right locations for a project where they are needed to demonstrate solutions
  • Analytical skills to evaluate examples of social injustice and get to the heart of what medium and long-term actions are necessary to resolve those injustices
  • Investment of human resources and intellectual capital to create high quality projects
  • Support project managing the delivery of a project to the point of start-up

Check list for Partners

Before any new project is considered, we assess its viability against a clear 10 point criteria. We need to be certain that we are breaking new ground and not simply doing what has been done before sufficiently well but simply needs promoting.

  1. The pilot project should be established in an area where Commonweal feels it has the resources, knowledge and capacity to engage actively with the delivery partner. This could be London, the wider south east or other major metropolitan areas with easy travel links to the capital.  Commonweal will seek to replicate projects nationwide where needs exist and where suitable partners can be found.
  2. The project must provide a solution which uses housing to address an unsolved social injustice or which endeavours to address an unmet housing need in a measurable better way than current solutions.
  3. The project must demonstrate a clear understanding of the housing need experienced by those facing a social injustice
  4. The project will be operated in a spirit of openness and will at every available opportunity share any knowledge, experience and learning with others who may wish to replicate the pilot on a larger scale.
  5. The project must be suitable for development as a prototype role model striving for best practice at all stages.
  6. The prototype project, when proven, should be suitable for replication on a larger scale by other organisations.
  7. The medium to long-term performance of the project must be assessed and evaluated according to the criteria set by third party experts who will measure and report on performance at pre-determined frequencies.
  8. Commonweal Housing will principally provide the housing or the finance for the housing element of the project but will work with partners on securing revenue funding where necessary.
  9. The project must go through rigorous levels of scrutiny and due diligence to test viability.
  1. The project should ideally be able to be tested and proven within 3-4 years (if not sooner) and within a 7 – 12 year period enable the return Commonweal’s initial housing investment according to agreed terms so that it can be recycled in other housing projects.

As we appreciate no two organisations looking to replicate our projects will have the same experience, it is additionally vitally important that all partners we work with and the projects they deliver are flexible and are willing to change and adapt to meet the varying needs of those they support.

Working In Partnership.

If you feel that you or your organisation could have a role with us as a partner, please contact us. We really value having informal discussions about developing ideas.