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Rebecca Dillon

Commonweal backed projects nominated for Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards

logo AL awardsWe are delighted to announce that two of Commonweal’s charity partners – Thames Reach and Praxis – have been shortlisted for the country’s leading homelessness awards – the Andy Ludlow Awards. These recognise projects that make a positive difference to homeless people and are awarded to organisations that use innovative and creative solutions to tackling homelessness in London.

Homelessness charity Thames Reach has been shortlisted for the delivery of Peer Landlord London. This project offers an innovative model of shared housing, where one of the tenants – the Peer Landlord – provides an informal, positive, role model based peer-support to other tenants. Thames Reach has developed and deliver the Peer Landlord scheme of high-quality, affordable and supportive private accommodation for those at risk of becoming homeless.

Bill Tidnam, Director of Operations at Thames Reach said:

“We’re really excited and flattered to be shortlisted for the important award. We particularly want to acknowledge how Peer Landlord is a partnership between Thames Reach, Commonweal and our investors, without which the scheme wouldn’t have been developed. The other key people in this partnership are the Peer Landlords and Thames Reach staff, who have worked creatively and positively to move this from a good idea to a great housing option for 21 people, helping them move back into and sustain work in London.”

Praxis Community Projects who work with vulnerable homeless migrants, has been shortlisted for its work with refugee and asylum seekers. Praxis’ projects work to help failed asylum seekers who are denied access to vital public funds and services. The next part of their strategy will include Commonweal backed scheme ‘No Recourse for Public Funds’, which will provide vital support to individuals who have no means to support themselves – as on the one hand they are not  given access to benefits and on the other are not allowed to take up paid employment.

Award winners will receive a first prize of £30,000, second of £15,000 and third place organisations will receive £10,000. The winners are due to be announced at the House of Commons on Thursday 16 October. We wish both Thames Reach and Praxis the best of luck.

The full shortlist also includes projects by Tower Hamlets Council, New Horizon Youth Centre, Groundswell UK and Hestia Housing & Support.