Too poor to parent?

By Rebecca Dillon / December 6, 2016

Commonweal Housing launch new research project looking at housing options for separated parents Commonweal Housing today launch a new research project to examine the housing situation of separated parents whose children live with them part-time. The research will examine current housing options for low income separated parents and seek to provide an evidence base for…

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Marking World AIDS Day

By Ashley Horsey / December 1, 2016

We’ve come a long way since the AIDS crisis first emerged, when so many lost their lives. Today, HIV treatment can now reduce the amount of the virus in the bloodstream to ‘undetectable’ levels, meaning it cannot be transmitted. But it’s not over. Thankfully medical advances now mean HIV doesn’t have to stand in the…

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Less desirable solutions to social injustice?

By Rebecca Dillon / October 21, 2016

I have been thinking recently about our strap line ‘Housing solutions to social injustice’ and indeed have written in previous blogs about how proud and continually energised I am by it – it sums up in five words exactly what Commonweal is all about.   To date we have always interpreted this as Commonweal providing…

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The baby boomers' last stand

By Rebecca Dillon / October 13, 2016

  As the leaves begin to fall and the supermarkets stock up on pumpkins and fireworks, somewhere in a studio not too far away, production assistants are busy creating “review of the year” news packages, ready for repetitive screenings over Christmas and New Year. As a news addict I look forward to such features, not least because…

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Sharing the future

By Rebecca Dillon / July 6, 2016

Five years into our Peer Landlord project, we’ve reached a crucial point; the commencement of the second phase of delivery, up until April 2018. There are thirteen properties up and running, leased to and managed by our partners Catch 22 & Thames Reach, with the first Phase having been evaluated by a team from the…

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Unattractive, unsympathetic and controversial ….it’s what we do

By Rebecca Dillon / June 27, 2016

As part of Commonweal Housing’s 10th Anniversary celebration this year – we launched a new competition Starter for 10 with the prize being £10,000 to fund research or a feasibility study in to new and under-reported areas of social injustice.  We wanted to help organisations explore new problems and new injustices that they believe are…

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