Sharing the future

By Rebecca Dillon / July 6, 2016

Five years into our Peer Landlord project, we’ve reached a crucial point; the commencement of the second phase of delivery, up until April 2018. There are thirteen properties up and running, leased to and managed by our partners Catch 22 & Thames Reach, with the first Phase having been evaluated by a team from the…

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Unattractive, unsympathetic and controversial ….it’s what we do

By Rebecca Dillon / June 27, 2016

As part of Commonweal Housing’s 10th Anniversary celebration this year – we launched a new competition Starter for 10 with the prize being £10,000 to fund research or a feasibility study in to new and under-reported areas of social injustice.  We wanted to help organisations explore new problems and new injustices that they believe are…

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Building safe choices

By Rebecca Dillon / June 20, 2016

When Stonewall Housing approached us last year with a social injustice and a dream of how they wanted to help solve it, we were all ears. They told us that for too many of their older LGBT clients, housing and community was a big problem as many of them remained in the closet for fear…

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New report launched on exiting prostitution

By Rebecca Dillon / March 23, 2016

Danger that specialist support for women to leave prostitution behind being “undermined” Commonweal Housing releases a new report today investigating developments in policy and practice affecting services that support women to leave prostitution behind them. The report was carried out by academics and commissioned by Commonweal, who provide third stage accommodation to St Mungo’s staged model…

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Time to take Pride in housing for older people

By Rebecca Dillon / February 5, 2016

This is a version of an article featured in Inside Housing  on 29th January 2016.    As we approach the film awards season, I’m reminded of a film that really touched me in the last year. BAFTA award winning Pride tells the true story of a group of LGBT activists who allied themselves with striking miners…

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Lets talk about debt

By Rebecca Dillon / January 25, 2016

I’ve written before about my fascination with George Osborne, and so in my first blog of 2016 I wanted to return to that subject. Last year George was very keen on talking about building, you could barely move for pictures of the Chancellor dressed in a high vis and a hard hat, his conference speech…

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