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Rebecca Dillon

Our new Strategic Plan is now available

We’re delighted to announce that our new Strategic Plan is now available for download.

Commonweal Housing has now been delivering innovative housing solutions to social injustice for over a decade, and our new strategic plan lays out how we’re going to continue driving change through our portfolio of targeted social housing projects. The document is both a record of our organisational vision and values, and a road map for our ongoing work over the next three years up to 2020, with a detailed overview of our existing and recently launched projects, the goals and key actions for each, and the theories of change that we’re testing through our work with project partners.

The next three years will be a period of change and adaptation for us as a charity, as long-running projects such as Re-Unite wind down and we start new ventures, such as the Amari project and the Move on Up initiative. In this plan, we lay out our honest assessment of the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, and how we hope to deal with both in order to reach our goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our journey as an organisation, the work that we’ve achieved over the last ten years, and our plans for the future, the new plan is the best place to start.