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Rebecca Dillon

Commonweal Publish Annual Impact Review 2016/17

Commonweal Housing is delighted to announce the publication of their 2016/17 annual impact review exploring our work as a charity developing housing solutions to social injustice.

The full review, which can be viewed here, follows the theme of our evaluation and replication framework, taking the reader on a journey through the commonweal project cycle. It highlights how these projects develop and adapt to learning through evaluation and then importantly how Commonweal seeks to share the learning to enable others to adopt, adapt and replicate successful ideas elsewhere.

The review focuses on both the successes and challenges Commonweal faces as we continue to provide the support needed to insulate our project partners for risk, allowing them to make bold decisions as they test potential alternatives to injustices.

At the heart of the review is the message that Commonweal is driven by a desire to address injustice where we see it and that with our learning we seek to have an influence, changing the way things are done because of we have learnt.

As we look ahead through the review to the coming year, Commonweal will continue to be brave, provocative and challenging in the projects we support and the areas of injustice we are willing to talk about.

Commenting on the release of the report, Commonweal’s CEO Ashley Horsey said:

“We have spent time this past year setting out in a more structured way ‘how Commonweal works’; how it engages with project partners and external evaluators and trying to clarify what it is we hope to see at each stage of the process.  It is a natural way of working for us but people were saying how refreshing it is and how we were so different to other funding partners they have worked with.  This new Annual Impact Review demonstrates that special Commonweal way of working across our diverse range of project and policy areas.”

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