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Rebecca Dillon

Announcing the Chrysalis project

Following eighteen months of work to plan and raise funds for the Chrysalis Project, Commonweal and St. Mungo’s were pleased to sign a series of agreements which will commit them to providing a resettlement programme for female former sex workers.

The Agreement, signed at the end of April 2009, means that both parties are committed for a period of 10 years to operate and develop further the final residential phase of a 3-phase resettlement programme initially created by St. Mungo’s.

The first two residential phases accommodates clients in hostel accommodation provided by St. Mungo’s but this new, third phase, gives clients the opportunity of living independently in one-bedroom flats provided by Commonweal.

In this third phase, the client will be helped to make final adjustments in their life before moving on to self-sufficiency and independent living.The signing of Agreements has resulted in Commonweal embarking on a programme of acquiring the flats for

The Chrysalis Project and St. Mungo’s preparing clients in their phase 2 accommodation project using a specially created induction programme to enable them to adjust to independent living. These clients will move into the flats, starting when the first ones become available in July 2009.