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Rebecca Dillon

Sharing news on social injustice

Small paper house, held by a handWelcome to the first in a regular series of weekly blogs written by staff, friends and partners of Commonweal Housing. Pop back every week for insight and updates into the work we’re doing to fight social injustice, as well as thought provoking opinion pieces on current housing and social issues.

Tackling difficult social issues
One of the things I love the most about Commonweal is that we’re not afraid to tackle issues society chooses to ignore; real challenges faced by too many people. You can read about some of this work in upcoming blogs. To give you a quick flavour – we’ll be sharing difficult and inspirational stories about women helped to move on from street-based prostitution; about the challenges of Commonweal effectively exiting from the Re-Unite project – designed to re-unite mothers leaving prison with their children; and about innovative peer-based housing support for individuals at risk from homelessness.

Conversations about social injustice
Having recently joined the Commonweal Housing team, I’m keen to increase the profile of Commonweal – to share our news and that of our charity partners who work so hard to deliver projects that Commonweal supports. Ultimately, we hope this communication will result in wider conversations about social injusticeand so have a positive impact on many more lives.

Research reports 
Summer sees an exciting new development – we will start to publish six-monthly research reports that address and highlight important housing and social innovation issues of the moment. The first of these reports comes out in early July – where we highlight the negative unintended impacts of some government policy changes that work against other policy areas designed to help; policies that inevitably have a greater effect on the most vulnerable.

We want to make sure this report highlights many such injustices, so if you would like
to contribute or are interested in attending the report launch and discussion event,
please just drop me an e-mail below.

Stay informed
There are many ways to keep up to date – from this blog, to our e-newsletters, annual
impact reviews and new twitter account @commonwealtweet. I hope this gives many different people the chance to learn about and even more importantly to communicate
with us in a way that works for them.

Ambreen Ahmad
Communications Coordinator

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