Carers' Week 2020 Webinar: Housing for young adult carers

On the 10th June 2020, Commonweal were joined by Nicola Aylward and Charlotte Robey-Turner of the Learning and Work Institute, Ann Kruyer of QSA, Tim Loughton MP and young carer Katie, to discuss the housing needs of young adult carers. This webinar was held to mark the launch of the final evaluation of Commonweal and QSA's partnership project providing supportive shared housing to young adult carers, Move On Up.
The report found that young adult carers are at a higher risk of becoming homeless or being in insecure living arrangements. Two years on from the launch of the Government’s Carers’ Action Plan, a cross-government programme of work to support carers in England, we call for the Plan to be refreshed and include reference to the housing needs of young adult carers.

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00:00 Chair's Introduction from Ashley Horsey (CEO, Commonweal Housing)
03:00 Ann Kruyer (Move On Up manager, QSA)
15:20 Katie Bladon (Young adult carer)
28:50 Charlotte Robey-Turner and Nicola Aylward (Report authors, Learning and Work Institute)
49:11 Tim Loughton MP
58:06 Q&A session