We are driven by a clear mission and vision for change

We want to change the way society thinks and acts about social injustices. At the centre of our work as a charity is our mission and vision statement to find solutions to social injustices through focused housing based pilot projects.

We want to achieve housing equality and justice for all

We know there is a housing crisis across the UK and for many the current measures being developed simply don’t address the complications of their lives. Providing the wrong accommodation option can, in some cases, stifle independence and lead to further dependency.

By piloting new, replicable housing based ideas we seek to help people overcome the housing injustices they face, enhance housing equality and justice.

We are ambitious in our search for solutions

We see that injustice exist partly because current solutions and housing support mechanisms don’t always work. Seeking out new ideas and being open to potential, untested solutions, we aim to be brave and challenging.  This means learning from unsuccessful outcomes as well as successful ones.

We want to create relationships and build lasting partnerships

We recognise that we do not know everything and that sometimes, partnerships are simply better than working alone. We, therefore, work hard to encourage, support and nurture our partners, helping them to test new solutions as we work to achieve our goals.

We want our learning to have influence

We want to increase people’s awareness and knowledge about the injustices we look to combat. By sharing the learning from our projects and research we hope to inspire change and influence opinion and public policy, encouraging others to challenge existing injustices.

We want to leave a legacy

For us, simply providing homes to pilot new projects isn’t enough. Building on the learning from our pilot projects and the research we commission, we want to achieve lasting change through the replication of our projects by others. Through this replication, we will leave a lasting legacy which continues beyond our involvement in a project.