What We Do

At Commonweal we are driven by a desire to address injustice. We understand the role housing plays in bringing stability and promoting aspiration.

Working in partnership with expert support providers we seek to develop and test models exploring how to provide homes that help people to overcome the injustices that confront them.

Our history







In the 1930’s the Scottish housing pioneer Sir John Mactaggart chose to dedicate his life and resources to resolving social injustice through housing. Today, working with our partners, Commonweal continue to build on his legacy.

Mission Vision and Values

We believe in the power of housing to address social injustices. At the core of our work are a clear set of values which remain unchanged and continue to reflect who we are and what we stand for.





Meet our Team




Commonweal is led by a dedicated group of Trustees and a team of talented staff, each responsible for different functions across the charity.

Become a partner

In our experience, as soon as one social injustice becomes resolved a new one pops up because of changes in law, personal mobility, human aspirations, shifts in cultural attitudes, ethnic issues, demography or for a whole host of other reasons.

We welcome approaches from people who have first-hand experience of challenges. Your experience can come through trying to make changes yourself or you might believe you and others are suffering some injustice.