Working with a range of expert support providers, we develop and test small scale housing pilot projects which explore how to provide housing opportunities tailored to help vulnerable people overcome the injustices they face.

We then define and evaluate the services to create prototype role model solutions that are rigorously evaluated by independent third parties. This enables us to demonstrate how these injustices can be resolved.

How We Work







The social injustices we try to resolve are complex, so a rigorous process is needed to ensure that our resources are used efficiently.

Our core skills are centered on creating robust business models with set measurable outcomes subjected to strict quality control criteria.

This ensures we get to the heart of solving a social injustice through the provision of a combination of housing and support services.


Uncovering the Unknown through Partnership

At Commonweal Housing we work with a range of expert partners who provide tailored support to individuals through our projects.

Privately financed and independent from government grants we are uniquely placed to support bold experiments in housing provision.

Using our independence, we provide our partners with the freedom and housing resources to look beyond conventional support solutions, encouraging them to be challenging and ambitious in the prototype models they develop.

Change through Replication

We are outspoken on the need for change and seek to use our evidence and learning from our projects to achieve this change.

We therefore actively look to openly share our learning,  encourage others to adopt, adapt or replicate this learning.