Read our newly launched Rough Justice report here

Red locked door ©Owen J FitzpatrickOur new report ‘Rough Justice: uncovering social policies that create homelessness’  brings to light the public policies that are unnecessarily increasing homelessness and the simple steps that could stop these costly mistakes. Download your copy here.

Homelessness and the threat of becoming homeless is a much wider problem than government figures of 2,414 rough sleepers suggests. The affects are far reaching – with devastating consequences for individuals and families in temporary, unsuitable and unsustainable housing. Our new report launched on 9 July features eight sector experts, who draw attention to the severity of the problem. It challenges government to recognise the negative polices highlighted and to change them.

Chief Executive Ashley Horsey says
“Commonweal Housing is delighted to launch Rough Justice which highlights the many policy changes needed to combat homelessness. Homelessness is a very real problem that cannot be ignored; it results in distressing long-term consequences for individuals, communities and for the State.”

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