We are launching our ‘Housing Helps’ new ideas competition to award £10k for the most innovative housing solution to combat a social injustice.

Our previous competition winners on show at Thames Reach

Housing Helps will award £10,000 to fund a feasibility study into an area of social injustice, where the applicant feels housing could be part of the solution.

This competition follows the success of our ‘Starter for 10’ competition, which was won by London-based homelessness charity Thames Reach and their application for further research into a housing solution for migrant workers living in tent encampments. You can read more about our previous competition and the winners here.

To apply, fill in an application form (click here to download) and return it to us at info@commonweal.org.uk for by midday on 31st January 2019. The winner will be decided by a group of independent judges. Any questions should also be sent to info@commonweal.org.uk.

To learn more about our competition and how Commonweal works as a charity, join us at Housing Helps on November 15th >>>