In our experience, as soon as one social injustices becomes resolved a new one pops up because of changes in law, personal mobility, human aspirations, shifts in cultural attitudes, ethnic issues, demography or for a whole host of other reasons.

Although we constantly review such changes, we welcome approaches from people who have first-hand experience of challenges. Your experience can come through trying to make changes yourself or you might believe you and others are suffering some injustice. Whatever your starting point, we welcome your contact.

You can learn more about our approach to replication and partnership in our Strategic Plan for 2017-20.

Checklist for partners

You can test if your perceived injustice aligns with the issues our constitution allows us to consider for projects, by reviewing our potential partner checklist below, if you think you fall into these categories then we may be able to consider partnering with you:

  • The project can be tested and delivered in England
  • The injustices are experienced by significant numbers of people
  • The project must have housing provision as an essential component
  • Either there are no projects currently in place that will lead to widespread resolution of the injustice or existing projects do not adequately address the injustice
  • Solutions must focus on humanitarian need
  • The solution could probably be delivered whilst conforming to Commonweal’s current preference areas and 10-criteria
  • You realise Commonweal’s contribution to the project will be in the form of leased housing, systems, research, business planning and that partners will be needed to fulfil other services
  • You realise that operational funding will have to be raised for the project to materialise. Commonweal will help with this
  • You have the resources and long term commitment (ideally 7 to 10 years) to be a significant contributor to the project.
  • You can accept the discipline and flexibility needed for working in an ambitious partnership.
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experience gained from the project with others so that the eventual solution will become replicated.
  • You can change and adapt for the sake of the project’s ultimate effectiveness and especially for the good of the service users.

What Commonweal brings to the table

  • Quick delivery of well-specified homes in the right locations for a project where they are needed to demonstrate solutions to social injustice.
  • Analytical skills to evaluate examples of social injustice and get to the heart of what medium and long-term actions are necessary to resolve those injustices.
  • Investment of human resources, intellectual capital and the right forms of housing to create high quality projects.
  • Project manage the delivery of a project to the point of start-up.

As experts in understanding social injustices or providing services to resolve them, you’ll recognise the need for partners to understand the circumstances of potential service users. They also need to provide the requisite services, are qualified to evaluate projects or can help in other ways. Such partners must be able to offer long-term commitment.

Download our PDF for potential partners and If you feel that you or your organisation could have a role with us as a partner, please contact us. We love having informal discussions about developing ideas.