Who we are

Commonweal Housing is a registered charity, but not a housing association. This is because we want to be free to make bold experiments in housing. We are privately financed and do not seek government grants to fund any of our projects.

Our experiments aim to resolve social injustices where a combination of housing and support services will help individuals establish themselves in life, enabling them to make wise choices and so have a fair chance to realise decent aspirations.

Download our Strategic Plan for 2017-20 for more details.

What we do

We create housing projects with bespoke services for occupiers who are enduring social injustice. This enables us to demonstrate how these injustices can be resolved.

Generally, we provide the housing for the projects from existing housing stock. Since 2007, we have spent over £6 million on such properties.

How we impact our partners from Commonweal Housing on Vimeo.

We work with specialist partners to identify social injustices where the ‘Commonweal Formula’ could make a difference. We then define, provide and evaluate the services to create prototype role model solutions that are rigorously evaluated by independent third parties appointed by Commonweal.

When Proof of Concept has been achieved, Commonweal and its partners work to change public policy to eradicate the social injustices and also encourage and assist other organisations to replicate the role models.

Can we work with you?

We choose Partners who have an established reputation and the skills to help people overcome the social injustices of a particular project.

We are always delighted to explore solutions to social injustices brought to us for discussion providing, of course, they fit into our terms of reference: 10 criteria and project preference areas.


Please contact us if you wish to discuss a potential project.