Welcome to Commonweal Housing. We’re dedicated to providing housing solutions to social injustice.

Commonweal Housing is a registered charity seeking to make bold experiments in housing. Using social investment from our principal benefactor and other like-minded, forward-thinking organisations, we work to develop innovative housing projects. Find out more about us.

We’re always looking for new organisations to partner with. Read more here.

Our Projects


  1. And the band played on……

    Hair brained schemes and crackpot ideas…..it can be said that this has been a theme of my nearly 30 years working in housing.  Alongside others, I have been involved with […]

  2. Keeping families together

    It is often said that the Englishman’s house is his castle. However not everyone is lucky enough to have a stable home. What do you do and where do you […]

  3. Silence vs words – talking about difficult issues…

    Let’s talk about international conflicts, terminal illness and bereavement. At this point we may already be lost for words. What do we say & how to respond?

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